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individueel programma

Trip no. 1:
First trip of the season: we will rig up the ship and prepare everything for the coming season. The ideal trip for those who want to learn what to do when rigging up a ship. So roll up your sleeves!

Trips nos. 2/3:
These trips will take us to Hamburg and its Maritime Festival and back. We will cross the North Sea and the Wadden Sea, and on our way to Amsterdam we will probably also cross the IJsselmeer. Long daytrips and a bit of night-sailing. Weather and programme allowing we will visit a (German) Wadden island.

Trip no. 4:
Weekend trip from Amsterdam across the IJsselmeer. Boarding on Friday night and the possibility to paint Amsterdam red. We will either leave for the IJsselmeer and Hoorn on Saturday morning, or for Scheveningen across the North Sea, depending on where the winds will take us.

Trip no. 5:
From harbour festival at anchor in Ostend to a harbour festival in Calais. To Belgium, France and possibly England, winds allowing. By train to London? Sailing the North Sea with its many sandbanks, across the busiest sea route in the world. And of course the White Cliffs of Dover!

Trip no. 6:
From harbour festival in Calais across the North Sea via the island of Texel to Harlingen. The route is not fixed; possibly via Ramsgate, Ostend, Middelburg, Scheveningen, Amsterdam, Texel, and/or Enkhuizen. The winds and the tide will determine the definite route.

Trips nos. 7/8:
This trip is centred around the Oerol Festival on the island of Terschelling. Trip 7 will take us to West Terschelling. There we will go at anchor and enter port on Saturday morning. On Tuesday afternoon we will leave for Harlingen. Trip 8 will take us to Terschelling on Wednesday morning and we will stay there for four days to enjoy the Oerol festival. On arriving in port the hammocks will be hung out and the bar opened.

Trips nos. 9/10:
These trips will take us to the harbour festivals in Kiel across the North Sea and the Kieler Canal. Tide and weather allowing we will visit another German Wadden island. Otherwise we may continue sailing overnight.

Trip no. 11:
From Delfzijl to Brest, France. Long sailing trip of 24 hours, visiting beautiful harbours on the French, Belgian and English coasts. During the first part of the trip we will speed up a bit, so that we can spend more time on the Channel Islands and the Breton coast. A beautiful, varied trip; long, beautiful sea miles and pretty holiday destinations!

Trip no. 12:
Breton coast and Channel Islands. Île de Batz, Jersey, Île-de-Bréhat, Sark, Alderney, etc. We will try and visit all these places. At anchor in a beautiful bay, to the shore by ‘bijboot’. Entering port now and then for fresh water, a possible ‘boerennacht’ without anchor watch.

Trip no. 13:
Weather allowing we will try to reach the Channel Islands and sail east: English Channel, North Sea. Wadden Sea, Kieler Canal. Baltic Sea. Lots of time at sea and lots of sea miles. A long trip visiting beautiful spots in various countries. Night-sailing and shorter daytrips. A varied, challenging trip.

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